Events 2023

After nearly five years, the ROADWORK project ended in February 2023. We thank all our research participants for their time and patience, academic friends and fellow research projects for being a constant inspiration, and the Swiss National Science Foundation for having funded the project and supported us also in the difficult time of the global pandemic.

New research projects on meat production and consumption in Asia, on global Muslim humanitarian aid networks, and on the decentralized, community-owned hydro-power production in Switzerland and Latin America have already began or are beginning soon!

30 MARCH 2023

Invited talk “Nurturing networks: Women´s management of BRI generated capital in the Sino-Kazakh border region,” Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, Toronto and on Zoom
Verena La Mela

Verena was invited to a talk by the Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy in Toronto. In this talk she reflects on the trickle-down effects of the BRI in the Sino-Kazakh border region, and how it affects women in particular. The online event is co-sponsored by the Centre for Euopean, Russian, and Eurasian Studies and the Belt and Road in Global Perspective. Registration for the webinar is now open: